0% Car Finance Deals

How does 0% Car Finance work?

Many rumours are going around about 0% car finance deals and how it works. Although the process differs, based on the service you go with, there are a few things worth mentioning when it comes to this topic.

First of all, let’s put the biggest misconception to rest. Does 0% car finance exist? The answer is yes it, does.

Although many doubt the notion that such a thing could exist, there are services out there that offer the option. Depending on where you go to take your loan out, you might encounter the zero percent car finance option.

Some are designed to offer more flexibility whereas others are more suitable for people with poor credit. 0% car finance sounds like an incredible deal but what does it mean? The answer is simple. It is an interest-free loan that can be taken out for a particular period. Although a significant number of car finance providers offer this option, it is usually reserved for people with an excellent credit score. 0% car finance is also given to those with good loan history. There are two categories of 0% car finance. Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase. (Read more about HP and PCP)

0% car finance

Do you offer interest-free finance?

Would you like to buy a brand new or used car, but don’t have the money up front? In certain circumstances, we might offer 0 percent car finance. However, it all depends on your circumstances. The amount you’re looking to borrow and the period you want to repay it over.

It’s important that you remain cautious throughout the process, however, as there are many scam artists out there preying on people who aren’t familiar with how zero percent car finance works.

The best way to find out whether you’re eligible for one of our 0% car finance deals is by filling out our quick and easy online application form. Once you apply, one of our experienced team will get in touch with you to talk you through all the possible options, therefore even if we can’t offer you zero percent finance, we will suggest alternatives that are perhaps a little more suitable.

At Trusted Car Credit, we cover all areas of car finance. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a brand new vehicle or something a little older. We will do our best to help you regardless. Don’t hesitate – apply for the best car finance deals today for a same-day answer. You can also pop into one of our offices or just call us: 0800 254 5016.


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Truth about 0% car finance revealed - Is it possible? How does it work?
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