Is Bad Credit Car Finance the End of Car Loaning?

Can I get car finance with bad credit history?

Bad Credit Car Finance DealsCommonly users with a bad credit car finance cannot get a car loan making it almost impossible for them to loan cars they want. However, Trusted Car Credit provides the opportunity for you to get car finance with a bad credit history. Keeping our customers’ dreams in mind, we give car financing for those who hold car finance for bad credit. None the less, these opportunities come with restrictions with them, but we try our best to make sure you can get the car of your dreams.

Where can you get the best car finance bad credit deal?

Don’t let your finances stop you from getting your dream car. At Trusted Car Credit we offer credit finance with no deposit for all our customers. Even though fixing your finances is highly recommended, we understand when it isn’t possible. In such times if you are looking for a new vehicle, we provide 2 options:

  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP): This option is more applicable to people without a bad credit history since it is much more relaxed.
  • Hire Purchase: If you are unable to pay the lender with bad credit car finance, repossession of your car will occur.

All you need to do is calculate your bad credit using our bad credit finance calculator and apply for car finance with us. With no deposit, we make sure you drive the car of your dreams.


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