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Credit & Debit Cards: We accept every major credit card apart from American Express it’s absolutely free to pay via debit car but all credit cards carry a 2.5% charge.

Bank Transfer: Transfer funds directly from your bank.

Finance Package: Apply directly online for the vehicle of your choice and we will find a suitable package to fund your new pride and joy. Rates, deposits and other associated fees are based on your credit history and other factors.

The Trusted Car Credit retail programme is designed to create and experience that is pain free and easy for both buyer and seller. That’s why we do not disclose the private information of sellers, and do not disclose their contact information.

Instead of focusing on the previous owner, we focus on the quality and condition of the car in question.
Thanks to our RAC in depth multi-point inspection, you can be confident that the car you are buying is as exactly as described in our online advert. You can be confident that you will never get an insurance write off, smokers cars (*unless stated) or white elephant. We are happy to disclose of service history and HPI clearance before you complete the transaction.

As for a wine with owners – we’ll leave that to dating site.

Sorry guys no test drives on cars within the Trusted Car Credit retail programme; we’re not setup to accommodate test drive on cars that are not physically with us yet and this is what enables us to offer such belting prices. Of course one of our 3rd party inspectors from the RAC has test driven every single car as part of our in depth pre purchase inspection. They know this job inside out, what to look for – what to listen for. They also have onboard diagnostic computer to make sure  their is know hidden faults not viable to the naked eye.

Once you car arrives washed and ready for action, we let you take it for a quick spin and give it your once over before accepting delivery. If the car not in the expected condition or doesn’t drive right out driver will take it away. simple fair & honest business.

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On Lost Island?
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