How It Works For Sellers

Sell your car with Trusted...


Is your car within 8 years of age & covered less than 80,000 miles?

If so then can will advertise your vehicle on your behalf across all 3 leading advertising platforms for 14 days and provide you with guaranteed cash offer to fall back on if we don't manage to achieve a sale within 14 days.

So How does it work?

First of all enter your Reg number & some basic details above.

We will then supply you with a sell it now price and a suggested figure we may achieve selling it on your behalf after any fees we charge for our service both prices are a guide based on the condition of your vehicle before we inspect it.

Sell your car to us now for:

£ 8,500

We can sell on your behalf for:

£ 10,500

If you have decided you are not in a rush and would like to get the extra cash for your car then you need to make an appointment at your local branch where we will inspect & photograph your pride & joy.

Once we have inspected your vehicle we will highlight any preparation needed to bring your vehicle back to a retail condition than any new owner would be happy to see on their drive.

Based on the inspection we will then issue an accurate 14 day guaranteed cash price as your battery backup. We will then take a look at similar cars in the market place and agree on a retail price that will ensure a speedy sale.

Now we have everything agreed it's time to take some stunning shots of your motor so we can show case it in all its glory.

Once live on our site we will email you a link so you can share your advert across any social media platforms you might use.

Relax, we'll look after the rest from here...

We'll find a buyer in 14 days or less & you keep driving your car until moment it is sold.

If we don't find your car a new home you have the guaranteed cash offer to fall back on.

Now it's time to say goodbye...

Regardless of route of sale all sellers will have funds transferred directly into their bank account.

Time to drop your car off at your local branch and say your farewell. Next stop our prep centre and finally on to the new owner.

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Why sell through the Trusted Retail Option?

Reason #1

We are a retail operation and prospective buyers
can purchase with confidence.

Reason #2

We give the warranty so any potential comebacks are not to your door let our after sales team take care of them.

Reason #3

We can offer finance and other ancillary products that you cannot provide for a prospective buyer as a private seller.

Reason #4

As a trusted nationwide operation we can achieve the best sale price for your vehicle while you still drive it.

Reason #5

No tyre kickers, no scams, no punter’s visiting your humble abode our buyers are online purchasing your vehicle based on a guaranteed condition after it's been through our prep centre.

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