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UK government targets diesels for restrictions

UK government targets diesels for restrictions

The government of UK has started to work on improving the air quality by reducing air pollution. Also, it is no news that diesel combustion is a source of air pollution and contributes to a large part of Nitrogen Dioxide levels in the air. The aim of the government is to minimize this level of Nitrogen dioxide since it is a cause of various respiratory diseases like asthma. Nitrogen dioxide’s high levels also cause a sore throat, sore eyes and other issues, especially among the older people. Therefore, not just manufacture of diesel cars is being stopped but the currently existing diesel cars on the road that are owned and used by people are also being ditched in order to make sure that health is prioritized.

In order to make it easier for people to give up on diesel cars, the government is providing discounts and incentives. There is as much as £4500 leverage for people who will buy an electric or hybrid car from now on. On the contrary, taxes are being increased for diesel cars to discourage diesel car sales. Diesel car owners are being offered to choose an environment-friendly car instead of their Nitrogen dioxide producing the vehicle. The government aims to remove all diesel cars from the roads of Britain by 2030. They predict that by 2030, everyone in the UK will switch to electric cars which are much more environments friendly. The whole scheme’s goal is to promote people to buy electric driven cars and give up diesel cars. The implementation is likely to start from UK’s most polluted areas.

In order to make sure that the government reaches its target by 2030 the scheme will start to come into action within a few months at maximum. The whole plan is pretty similar to the plan of France. The discounts being offered in order to promote hybrid and electric car sales are also similar. The strategies being used by the British government are very much inspired by the French. France offered €10,000 to their people if they chose to drive an electric car over a diesel car. As a result, today over 10,000 citizens drive environment-friendly cars.

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