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Exigotrade Limited – Trading as (trustedcarcredit.com)

trustedcarcredit.com is licensed credit broker and is authorised and regulated through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), under our FCA registration number: 676433.

Business Terms & Conditions

1. These terms and conditions explain our services to YOU as our client and YOUR obligations to US Exigotrade Ltd trading as trustedcarcredit.com, Companies House Registration Number 07230119. YOU need to read these terms carefully since they apply as soon as we send them or make them available to YOU. We cannot accept responsibility for YOU failing to read them.


2. WE provide a variety of services by phone, internet, mail and other means. The primary services that we are providing YOU is that of a car loan broker. Depending on the outcome of the loan brokerage service we may offer YOU additional services which will be offered to YOU under a separate contract. We may also introduce YOU to third parties who can provide other services like finance brokerage and certain types of lease hire for vehicles. WE are not responsible for tax or legal advice regarding the services and YOU must rely on YOUR own expert advisers in those fields. By asking US to provide YOU with services YOU authorise US and any associate companies to act on YOUR behalf. WE receive commission from the third party product or service providers when YOU use our service to purchase products or services from them.

3. When YOU ask US orally or in writing to provide YOU with a service YOU agree to abide by these terms. WE acknowledge YOUR instructions expressly or by acting upon them. YOU can only withdraw or vary YOUR instructions with OUR consent. We treat YOU as OUR client. We accept no liability or obligation to any third party whether or not YOU may be acting as their agent, fiduciary or intermediary. Even if YOU disclose their identity to US and YOU are acting in such a capacity, YOUR obligations to US remain unaffected. We are entitled to act on any oral or written instructions WE receive from YOU or anyone WE believe is authorised by YOU to give them.


4. OUR services are subject to restrictions laid down by law and regulations or imposed by market conditions. YOU authorise US to do anything WE consider appropriate to provide OUR services and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

5 When acting as a vehicle finance broker WE seek to get a lender to offer YOU a loan. WE seek to match YOUR finance application with one or more of the lenders WE deal with. WE do not act on behalf of the lenders or represent them. For YOUR protection WE require the documentation covering any loan or finance agreement to meet statutory and regulatory safeguards laid down by the Consumer Credit Acts 1974 and 2006. If YOU would like to know more about the protections and remedies provided under those Acts please contact YOUR local Trading Standards Department or The Citizens Advice Bureau.

6. The lenders decide whether to approve vehicle finance applications, how much to lend, at what interest rate, on which terms and on what evidence of ability to repay. Where WE give examples they are only illustrations. WE do not warrant that examples are the actual rates and amounts because the lenders decide whether to give approval for any finance and on what terms and what APR according to YOUR specific circumstances.


7. Unless YOU inform US differently YOU agree to US using telephone, email, SMS, fax and/or post to contact YOU to discuss products and services without having first been expressly invited to do so. This will override any registrations YOU may have with any preference services. To communicate in writing WE may use the last postal address YOU gave US. Please note that to improve OUR service WE can and may monitor and record any telephone conversations with YOU for security, training and evidential purposes.


8. In trying to get YOU vehicle finance, lenders may use credit scoring or other automated systems to assess YOUR application, make decisions and verify YOUR identity. These systems include searching YOUR records with credit reference agencies, employers, fraud and money laundering prevention agencies and the electoral register as well as providing them with information. These agencies can add YOUR details to their records for other organisations to do searches. Where there are joint clients, both records are processed by the agencies and a link between YOU can be created.

9. To help OUR fraud prevention and data protection strategy, YOU agree for US and OUR associate companies, credit reference agencies and selected third parties to process and use YOUR personal data (whether provided electronically, in writing or orally). YOU agree to US using the data to advise YOU of other products and services unless YOU notify US to the contrary. The information YOU give US must be true and accurate. YOU warrant and undertake to comply with legal and regulatory disclosure requirements so that WE can comply with our obligations. If YOU provide US with false or inaccurate information and/or WE suspect fraud WE may notify agencies which would have a detrimental impact on YOUR credit records. In the event that YOU provide US with inaccurate or misleading information, WE reserve the right to reclaim any losses incurred by US in performing the service to YOU.


Unit4, Fairhills Trading Estate, Fairhills Road, Irlam, Manchester, M446BA
T: 0800 254 5016
E: enquiries@trustedcarcredit.com

10. If YOU authorise anyone else to give US instructions, any action WE take on their instructions will be binding on YOU. If there are joint applicants each has authority to deal with US for the other. Notice to one is notice to both. WE can require joint instructions. If instructions from different joint applicants are inconsistent, WE can choose to take no action until WE receive satisfactory instructions. To withdraw any authority YOU must notify US in writing.


11. Under NO circumstances do trustedcarcredit.com charge OUR clients fee’s for the service WE provide.

12. If WE introduce YOU to a lender or financial company that provides YOU with another finance related product or service, WE may be entitled to a introducer / procreation or finders fee which is paid for by the 3rd party, not YOU the client. WE emay also receive a variable commission from the lender or finance company (more detail is available on request) and YOU agree WE may retain it.

13. Under Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004 You have a right to cancel YOUR application after receiving these terms and conditions. YOU have 14 days beginning with the day after, the day on which YOU receive the terms and conditions to cancel. If YOU wish to cancel YOUR application, YOU can write to trustedcarcredit.com notifying US. Any such requests should be made to: Customer Service Department, Unit4, Fairhills Trading Estate, Fairhills Road, Irlam, Manchester, M446BA. Alternatively YOU can also notify US by calling customer services direct on: 0800 254 5016


15. WE shall not be liable for any breach of obligation to YOU by any bank, counterparty, intermediary or other third party with whom YOU do business. YOU will be liable for any loss YOU suffer as a consequence of YOU providing inaccurate information. If WE have made reasonable endeavours to find YOU vehicle finance YOU must give US full credit for doing so. WE will incur no liability for any loss arising from something beyond OUR reasonable control including changes in the law or regulations affecting how WE normally operate.

16. In the event that any of these terms (each of which is severable) is for any reason illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such provision is to be deemed modified sufficiently to render it enforceable, legal and valid and of similar effect as WE intended. Apart from provisions expressly covering associate companies, nothing in these terms is enforceable by anyone who is not a party to them. conduct including your payment record.

The Company is duly registered with:

The Data Protection Act, 1998 Reg. No: ZA149973
The Financial Conduct Authority Reg No: 676433
Companies House Registration Number 07230119

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